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Dog Camp

This camp is for dogs that love to run off leash in nature or just relax and enjoy the day. This is a cage free environment so all dogs are welcome to play, run and sleep where they please. The 243 acre property is in Monticello, 95min north from NYC.

The cabin has beds in every room for dogs. When we are in the city boarding is done near central park north. 


Before Joining

All dogs must be screened for temperament.


Camp is a 95min car ride from NYC to Monticello, New York.

We do all of the transporting to/from the camp to your home based on your schedule. Feel free to come check the camp out ahead of time.


Venmo, Paypal, or cash are welcome at the end of their stay.


Joining Camp

Here are our 5 simple requirements:

1.Dog ID tags with name and number worn at all times up-to-date on all rabies, leptospirosis, & lyme shots.  (ALL boarders are required to have the Kennel Cough vaccine at least 30 days PRIOR to boarding)
3.Each dog must be neutered or spayed
4.All pups wear a tick application & are tick vaccinated.
5.pups must be friendly with others.

​Tick Protection

tick medication is highly recommended to prevent Lyme disease. If you notice that your dog has a limp, it is not uncommon for that to be a side effect of Lyme. some dogs were given the test for Lyme and it showed they didn't have it, but it wasn't until they were put on antibiotics to kill tick diseases that the limping stopped.


In case of emergency, all of the numbers you provided will be called immediately. If no answer, I will decide if they need immediate care and if yes, will rush your pup to your local vet if they are near your home or to the nearest vet. I will do for your pup, what I would do for my own

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