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3 of the most tv famous dogs

Can you guess which are 3 of the most famous dogs? We are sure you have enjoyed the adventures and scenes of these doggies. Let's see which they are and learn more about them .

1. In number one we have Toto, from the Wizard of Oz

Toto is a cairn terrier, this dog breed is from Scotland and is known for being really active and therefore requiring a lot of exercise. They were bred to hunt and they still closely resemble the original terriers.

Toto resembles these characteristics as he adventurous and loyal to Dorothy in the movies. Throughout the film you can see their unique and beautiful relationship.

Unfortunately the breed's population is recently decreasing and can lead to the extinction of this precious doggies, hopefully this doesn't happens.

2. Number two is for Lassie, Rough Collie from "Lassie"

Famous for being an adventurous, loyal and hero for her humans and animal friends, Lassie can be one of the most famous dogs in tv history.

Known for its coat and majestic feel , Collies are no strangers to dog shows. Collies are elegant and athletic. They are also loyal and ideal family dogs.

Fun fact: even though Lassie was a female, on the show the character was often portrayed by male dogs.

3. In third place we have Frank, from Men in Black

The famous pug Frank, is known as one of the coolest extraterrestrials in the galaxy of Men in black. Known for its dark humor, wittiness and cool tuxedo ; Frank surely steals the show.

Pugs are kwon for being one of the most popular dog breeds in recent years. They may have more health issues than other breeds but make just as great ideal family dogs. Pugs are adorable, friendly and cute doggies.

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