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Get to know more about Pupsworld's 243 acre nature dog oasis in Monticello .

Let your fur-baby experience nature off leash in our upstate paradise. Our doggies get to enjoy nature like no other place in the city. They get to play, run , swim and have a great time!

This camp is for dogs that love to run off leash in nature or just relax and enjoy the day. This is a cage free environment so all dogs are welcome to play, run and sleep where they please.

Dogs get to experience our spot by joining our dog day camp or choosing to board with us in our Monticello location.

Here dogs can safely be themselves, without a worry in the world off leash as they run, play, and swim.

These are just a few reviews of our dogs experience in Pupsworld place.

"My dog Bonnie loves heading upstate with Elias and the rest of the crew. While I go about my day, she enjoys bounding about hundreds of acres with other friendly pups under the supervision of Elias. After a day upstate, Bonnie often returns home both fulfilled and exhausted. So exhausted that she happily puts herself to bed after dinner."

"Our dog simply loves to go the country to run around with Elias and his team of furry friends."

"Maeven has the best time at pupsworld! From the moment, elias and team pick her up she is so excited. And she comes back delightfully exhausted. I feel she is in such great hands while she is there!"

Not all areas are fenced but dogs are supervised at all times .

An experience all dogs should have at least once.

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