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Top 5 most popular dog breeds in NYC

Walking around NYC and during our daily dog walks , we get to see and share with lots of friendly #dogsofNewYork . We get to see all different types of breeds, from dachshunds to pit bulls, you name it. That is why today's blog at Pupsworld is dedicated to the top 5 popular dog breeds of NYC.

1. At number one we have the french bulldog


The french bulldog is known for being good dogs for families. They are also known for their nicknames "frenchies". They come in different sizes and colors, but are known to be small-to mid size. They are really loving dogs but unfortunately because of the shape of the nose tend to have trouble breathing.

2. Number two is the poodle


The poodle are mainly known for their beautiful coat. This coat requires lots of care and is high maintenance. They are smart and social dogs and tend to be very loving and playful. they come in different sizes from toy size-big size. They are good with people and other pets.

3. At number is the golden retriever

golden retriever

Have you heard of golden retriever energy, well this breed is known for being super happy , energetic and friendly. Since they have lots of energy they require a lot of physical daily activities which can be :play, running, hiking, etc.

4. Number four is the bulldog


The bulldog , are low energy and chill dogs. Most likely to be your couch buddy. Even though they are lower energy dogs , they do require daily exercise for health reasons. Just like frenchies because of their nose anatomy they can have trouble breathing.

5. Topping our list is the labrador retriever

labrador retriever

Just like the golden retriever the labrador is known for being a great family pet. They are energetic, happy and friendly dogs. They do requiere lots of daily exercise to keep up with their energy levels . Besides physical activities labs are smart dogs so mental stimulation is also important for this breed.

Which of these breeds do you own?

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