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Explore Pupsworld; the place where your can dog can have it all! Dog walking, boarding, hiking and more!

Hi, am Elias and welcome to Pupsworld. Here I will be sharing more about us , tips and everything in between, so stay tuned!

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Pupsworld is a fun, warm and safe environment for your doggies to feel free and enjoy the city or country side. We offer walks and boarding in Manhattan and also hiking and boarding in our location in Upstate Monticello, New York.

We offer walks in Manhattan and take care of your doggies as they were our own, because at the end of the day we are a big doggie family. During our walks we make sure its a comfortable and fun one , catered to the needs of the dog .

dog walking

During our hikes we take the dogs up to our Upstate location where we have a 243 acre lake house in which your dog can carefree and have an amazing time. They get to run, play, and swim.(- Supervised at all times -)

Our boarding services include both in the city and in our Upstate location, both will include walks , cuddles and lots of love . We make sure your doggie feels right at home.

If you would like to know more feel free to explore our page and contact us directly, we are at your service and stay tune for more on our blog!

Pupsworld -from NYC busy streets to an Upstate oasis , where your dog can have it all!

Walking, hiking , boarding and lots of fun!


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